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Hello folks. Due to a rare disease I was unable to work for years (plus my fanatism towards TDS), so now I find myself jobless and no money. So I've decided to open a website to sell my objects and my skill to work on the Thief 3 Editor and 3DS Max 5.1 and on the PSK, PSA and CSC files (models, animations and sound files). The person who buy my objects has the permission to insert them bundled insider his/her MOD and give the MOD freely, but he may not give the precise objects I gave him/her to anyone else. Payment will be done via Paypal.

The site yet does not exist, but it will be made soon. This post will turn bigger and bigger, day by day.

This is an example about how i work:

Copyinh the Metal Age mechanism to reproduce them in Thief: Deadly Shadows:
1-) I record in a video a determined action bounded to a sound or an action by a personnage.
2-) I analyze the video
3-) I write an algorhytm, studying it.
5-) I find the mechanism.
4-) I try to reproduce it in the Thief 3 Editor, using this program or 3DS Max 5.1 and Photoshop when the case is creating new objects/libraries/personnages (this part requires the most of the time, since the buggery of the editor and of that version of 3DS Max too).
5-) I test it.
6-) When everything is done, I prepare a package for the installation on other editors, I test the installation of the package. After that I publish the final archive, that contains any file, license and explanations needed in order to get advantage of that particular product.



Hello!! Sorry, sorry for the loooong delay.  :doh:

Here's my website:

I've copied on the OBJECTS section the most of my works here on Darkfate and I've added other new objects. The list style is similar to the Darkfate one, with the addition of the YouTube video, if you click on the YouTube Image the relative video will pop up at the place of the image. The list is always growing. Some objects, the most complex ones, are not free. I had to do this because I've spent too much time on Thief on these years, so much that I'm not able to get a job anymore :/ Now I'm married and I have to try to get some cash for me and my wife, both of us are not in full health...

The other section is DOWNLOADS, where you can find the most common tools for Thief, the New Dark 1.25 for Thief 1/G/2 included. Here is all free. I had to split the Thief 3 editor in three parts because of the bandwidth limitations of my provider.

I've made also a CONTACTS section, in which you can write me privately. The further steps will be making a forum, a chat and something else that I don't have in mind at this time.

I hope you'll appreciate  :applause: :yay: :agree: