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Сегодня я тихо и мирно приступил к переводу на русский язык этой миссии

Приглашаются следующие люди:

Clearing - для тестирования перевода,
так как много подсказок спрятано в книгах, и я должен быть уверен, что перевел все правильно :)
От тебя просто требуется поставить русскую версию и пройти нужный уровнень.
Я пока перевожу только 1-й - Шахты Маргрота или как там его...

Перевод карт.
Коментарии по поводу терминов-текстов - в архиве

Кому интересно - переписка с автором Ruins of Originia   :)

From: Sergey Balan []
Sent: Sunday, October 12, 2003 1:27 PM
To: ''
Subject: Russian version of Ruins of Originia
Hi, ycatx !

Currently I creating full russian version of Ruins of Originia
Yes, every Russian gamer must play in such cool FM :))) (with native language ;)
So, I need your help to create quality translation:
Can you tell me WHAT EXATLY you said in brif (AVI)?
It's very hard to understand - music has high volume, and you talk so silently :)

If you want, I can send you a link when translation will be finished

Sergey Balan

From: []
Sent: Sunday, October 12, 2003 4:10 PM
To: 'Sergey Balan'
Subject: RE: Russian version of Ruins of Originia
Excellent... I'm happy to help you...

From: Sergey Balan []
Sent: Sunday, October 12, 2003 4:26 PM
To: ''
Cc: ''
Subject: RE: Russian version of Ruins of Originia
>Excellent... I'm happy to help you...

Have you brief text for avi's ?
Currently I need only for Mines of Margroth
(when I translate it, I'll start next missions)

And what about   Mission 24: (omitted) Hook line and Sinker ?
We newer see it?

Many my friends wait for next mission pack of Ruins of Originia
How long we need to wait for it :) ?
- Sergey Balan

From: []
Sent: Sunday, October 12, 2003 9:37 PM
To: 'Sergey Balan'
Subject: RE: Russian version of Ruins of Originia
Actually... when I released it, I was still working on the prequel, but
now it's grown. Currently, I'm sitting on mission23 and mission24, which
I just completed, and finished the first AVI for miss23.
I'm planning on a RoOv2 release by 2004, with a total of 7 missions.

FGFair Game (miss23)
HLaSHook Line and Sinker (miss24)
MoMMines of Margroth (miss25)*
GRGuilded Rivalry (miss26)*
FaIFire and Ice (miss27)*
AtAAshes to Ashes (miss28)*
ThinThinner (miss29)
*= Newer version with fixes and additions.
(For example in MoMv2, has a pass to present to enter and new
conversations, and improvements...)
Also on the agenda: (maybe if I get that far...)
RaDPRock and a Dark Place (miss30)
DLDarklands (miss31)
SacrSacrifice (miss32)
EfaEEye for an Eye (miss33)
COCrossing Over (miss34)
DmWDead men Walking (miss35)
CRChimney Rock (miss36)
DADead Asylum (miss37)
GGGlug Glug (miss38)
KKKnock Knock (miss39)
Total of 17 missions...
I'll look to see if I have those scripts somewhere...
3.09 MB DivX5 version here (improved video and audio)
(CODEC: DivX5 video/MP3 audio) (WEB VERSION) )

From: []
Sent: Sunday, October 12, 2003 10:35 PM
To: 'Sergey Balan'
Subject: RE: Russian version of Ruins of Originia
"...I was informed of an interesting opportunity, one of the hammerites
by the name of Bantar didn't like the way things were being run and he
set out on his own. The guy has some guts to escape with some of the
hammerite relics. A manhunt as begun for Bantar, but he has escape to
ancient mining town with the hammerites and elite guards. The trick is
to make a lot of cash by selling the artifact back to the priests for a
handsome price. It's not going to be easy, guards on the constant alert
for bantar, but should be able sneak in as one of the hired miners. My
targets for tonight are two objects: An ancient book written by my old
pal Constantine, and a weathered golden amulet. I should get my bearings
by sneaking into the Hammerite headquarters and stealing what
information I can. I will need some maps, the only map I have is of the
mining town and a drawing I sketched from a crumbling stone tablet that
came from the mine them selves. Before taking on the headquarters, I
should check out the town to see if I can find anything useful. Rumors
have it that Bantar dropped a third relic when he fled deeper into the
mines. This relic is called the Gem of Oldorf, and I may just want to
keep that one for myself..."
Do you need the poems too?

DonSleza4e, английский у меня не очень хорош.
Но главное улавливаю. Посмотрю.
(Отредактировал(а) clearing - 16:06 - 13 Окт., 2003)

Не, я не прошу переводить, проверять и т.д.
Твоя задача в плей-тесте - играешь, и убеждаешься,
что в подстказка в книгах/свитках ПЕРЕВЕДЕНА ПРАВИЛЬНО,
смысл потерян

Я готов!:) :up:


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