Underwater materiar library

Автор massimilianogoi, 25 июля 2014 19:11:46

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As many modders have pointed out, when Garrett goes into water he makes a double noise: watery noise and ground noise. With this material library I've just made today the problem is solved. No more groud noises. At the moment it has only four types of ground (hsefloor, cavfloor, mud and sand), but I am opened to request. This is also the first video I made with the new super-machine I've bought in March.

Video here:

Link here: http://www.speedyshare.com/aJkQb/T3-underwater.rar

----- link updated, new textures added.

I ask clearing to mirror it, since it's enough important to the other modders.


Sounds good.
Another thing:
When he climbs the rope the sound is like.... he's on ladder :) It would be nice to take the sample from Thief 1/2 rope arrow. Or similar.
Still they talk anyway
When there's nothing to say
There's so much said in empty words...


I have them, but that is another project for which I have no time to spend now. The video has solely the purposte of demonstrating the sound.


I've made a tutorial about how to apply the underwater textures: