TFix 1.27b

Автор Glypher, 18 марта 2024 11:08:13

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Вышел TFix 1.27b. Автор: voodoo47. Скачать. Тема на TTLG.

Список изменений:

 • Reconstructed resources and mods to accommodate the new Mod Manager, mods now can be enabled/disabled with ease, also the TFix RESBASE is now set up as a mod that can be paused to ensure compatibility with improperly set up fan missions
 • The FMdml folder now contains all fm fixes from Jax64's repo. can also be paused in the Mod Manager
 • Carry Body mod is now integrated
 • Few more fixed resources and map fixes
 • HDmod is much less pain in the neck to manage (pay extra attention to the TFix install instructions)
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